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Our Mission

The Mission Project was founded in 2005 by Mary Bergerson, the disabled widow of Sgt. Douglas Bergerson, in order to honor his memory and military service following his suicide. We lose 23 soldiers/veterans to suicide every day. It is her vision to put an end to this by keeping others from following in his footsteps.

The Mission Project strives to support our military and its veterans through our programs and partnerships with other businesses, churches, and organizations that positively help and assist our armed forces. We are committed to mental health, advocacy, reintegration, suicide prevention, comradery and fellowship. Our motto is if we all do a little we can accomplish a lot.

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About Us


The Mission Project was founded in 2005 to honor the memory and military service of our founder’s husband following his suicide. It is our passion to keep others from following in his footsteps.

Our Missions/Programs

The Mission Project operates year round. It’s open to all military regardless of rank or branch of service. The majority of notes and care packages go to service members serving overseas. Exceptions are made for wounded warriors, veterans in nursing homes, and soldiers or veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The Mission Project is a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) charity (#46-2233204). We are a 100% volunteer effort by people who love our military and its veterans. Therefore, all of what we raise goes toward the operation of our programs. We want to make a difference and would appreciate your help.